About T.A.G.

Located in Taos , New Mexico. Taos Aerial Gym offers Aerial Fabric, Lyra, Rope, Trapeze, and more! Private lessons, group instruction, open gym time and workshops are available.


My story?  I took up Aerials later in life (mid forties).  It was something I wanted to try for quite awhile after seeing some friends in the air. However I kept making up excuses for what seemed the longest time.

Finally I took my first class, even though I was pretty out of shape.  I was going to use that as a excuse not to go, but atlas I said to myself surely this will help me.  And I was instantly hooked.  Even though I really couldn’t do much in the beginning I stuck with it, putting in my time. And I have never regretted a single moment of this journey.

I am by far not the greatest aerialist, and may never be.  But that’s ok.  I couldn’t be happier or have more fun just where I’m at.

It is so much part of my life that I decided to open T.A.G.  There was no regular place to get in the air here in Taos and just decided to do something about it.  And here we are!!

I have always said that Aerials is therapy.  Absolutely life changing on so many different levels.  And I guarantee that other aerialists would agree with that 100%.

So now it’s your turn to try, and we look forward to “hanging” out with you!

Dianne DeMille
Proprietor of T.A.G.