Our Classes/Prices

Aerials are a  beautiful, creative, and challenging art form that almost anyone can learn. Besides having the most fun ever, you will build incredible upper body and core strength, kinesthetic awareness, confidence, and coordination.

All classes are $15 and $10 for open gym unless specified.  All prices do NOT include tax.  Classes are subject to cancellation if not enough attendance.  Please reserve your spot (preferably the day before) by texting 575-613-2399.


BEGINNER FABRIC… This is a recently added class.  For folks who have never done aerials before or for those who want to take things slower.  As well as people who feel they don’t have the strength yet for other classes.  This is the class for you.  Plenty of fun!

FABRIC LEVEL ONE… This is for beginner aerialists, or those who haven’t been in the air in awhile and need to rebuild their strength and knowledge.  We start low, and everyone works at their own pace and level.  We will work on your strength, flexibility, and confidence.  You will learn tons of moves while having a ton of fun doing so!  More advanced students are welcome as well to do Level One to keep their strength and revisit previously learned moves.  We will mainly work on the Fabric, but also explore all the other apparatuses as well.

FABRIC LEVEL TWO…Fabric Level Two is a continuation of strength and skills and will explore some choreography as well.  A prerequisite is Fabric Level One (or teachers permission).  You must be able to straddle up from the ground confidently and in control and also able to perform a 10 second bent and straight arm hang, as well as climb/descent the fabric with control and confidence to attend these classes.  Level Two is getting you ready for the more intermediate/advanced classes!  Focusing on the Fabric, but will also play on the other apparatuses too if so desired. 

MIXED LEVEL FABRIC… Sometimes because of low attendance we need to do a mix level class.  No worries, classes are small and you’ll get lots of air time as well as instruction.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED FABRIC… these classes are for committed students who can climb, invert and do sequences comfortably without being spotted and who have been doing aerials for quite awhile.  Taught by the amazing Alessandra Ogren from Penasco theater!  A pioneer as well as respected aerialist worldwide.  And if so desired we can explore all the other apparatuses that are at TAG.  So fun and never gets boring!

LYRA AERIAL HOOP… is an ongoing class for all levels.  You will learn mounting moves, in/under/over moves, dismounts, some simple partner moves, as well as choreography.  No experience necessary.  Taught by the amazing Alisa Ritchie who has been practicing aerials for 10 years.

CORDE LISSE (ROPES),.. TRAPEZES,… CLOUD SWING,… STRAPS,…SLING are other toys available at T.A.G.  Not sure what those are?  Go onto YouTube to get inspired!

OPEN GYM.  For all levels.  Open only to current students (with some exceptions).  These are supervised sessions but not a formal teaching class.  Gives students the opportunity to practice moves they learned in class.  Repetition is key to aerials!!

***Classes are subject to ongoing change!  Make sure you check the schedule the day before and then reserve your spot by texting me.  Thank you.

**It is VERY important to reserve your space for any classes or even open gym.  You can do so by texting 575-613-2399 preferably the day before.  THANK YOU


Still can’t get enough? This is a excellent way to have more fun and improve your skills. You can train one-on-one with an instructor or grab a couple of like-minded friends to do a semi private class.
Private Class is $50.00 hour + tax.
Semi-Private Classes begin at $40.00 per hour for 2 (add on $10.00 per student per hour) + tax



*Aerial Yoga Stretch… Self Massage Bodywork Combination class. We use our aerial fabric that can help support your weight, ease pressure, create space in your joints, decrease compression in your spine and to we help you find more mobility. This is fantastic for practicing inversions, which in traditional yoga can lead to back and neck pain and injury over time. If your looking for a new “twist” to your yoga workout, look no further!
And let my experience of 20 years of being a LMT (licensed massage therapist) help you help yourself to relieve pain, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, soft tissue strains or injuries, etc.  I have come up with many, many ways for self massage out of necessity and curiosity. I will use all sort of “tools” that are extremely effective to get the job done. We can also explore some very deep tissue work, is so desired.

*HOOP DANCE. A combination of dancing and hula hooping, where the student rotates the hoop on all parts of their body, not just the waist! It’s an incredibly fun way to build strength, muscle tone, balance and flexibility. AND it’s been shown that you can burn 400+ calories in a hour. Get ready to smile, sweat and laugh!

*Aerial Tuff N’ Buff class… is a conditioning class focused on building strength, especially for aerials! Core, shoulders, and flexibility exercises are the emphasis. Mostly floor based but some aerial apparatus are involved. No aerial experience necessary! If you want to take aerials and feel you need more strength, this is the class for you! Beginner thru advanced levels challenged.

*JUGGLING. Did you know that juggling has many proven health benefits? Stress relief, brain growth, builds focus and concentration, improves coordination, helps ward off cravings, maintains great arm and shoulder health, among other things! Come on… you know you’ve always wanted to learn.

*STILTS.  We will be offering stilt workshops on a regular basis with Alessandra Ogren.  $30.00 for 90 minutes.

*WORKSHOPS W/VISITING TEACHERS.  We have some amazing out of town aerial teachers out there that I have been in contact with.  Many are willing to come here to teach a intensive workshop which is one of my favorite things.  Every teacher brings something different to class!  If interested I will take your information and try and arrange these fun and powerful events.  Price varies and TBD.


YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SPACE FOR ALL CLASSES as well as OPEN TRAINING preferably the day before by calling/texting me at 575-613-2399. This helps us the teachers know what to expect and to plan our class.  I cannot even begin to tell you how important this is.  THANK YOU!  Most classes need at least 2 students and we have the right to cancel if minimum is not reserved.